History of Loutro

The village was named ("Loutro" means "bath" in Greek) after the baths which have been found in the area and from which water was directed to nearby Anopolis. Among the older buildings that you can see here, you will find the Municipal Building used by the first government, in 1821.

In ancient times believed in Cretan Zeus and Apollo in Delphi , some metres from the village you can see part of the ancient town and the temple of Apollon. (see video below)

In 1821 the seat of the Chancellor's Sfakia and founded a hospital that saved thousands of wounded fighters.

 loutro gravure

"At the port of Phoenix, now called Loutro, we see an ancient ruined city, whose columns are to got to the ground. The huts of spatial sarcophagi found very white marble, from which the pigs ate their porridge. I saw many mutilated statues busts, among ruined buildings of marble ...ยป.

Buondelmonti, Cristoforo 1415